Ngangan defends helicopter contracts


FINANCE Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan says the Central Supply and Tenders Board has powers to award contracts of up to K10 million under the Public Finances (management) Act without any influence from outside forces.
He was responding to claims that proper processes were not followed in the awarding of contracts for the hire of helicopters during the general election period.
Ngangan told The National that no contract was awarded without a bid.
He said the board issued competitive bidding tenders for the provision of helicopter support services for the general elections in the four regions.
He said the bids were evaluated by the board and contracts awarded following all the procurement processes.
“All those awarded contracts for the provision of helicopter support services for the 2017 general election submitted bids which complied with the procurement process,” he said.
“To say that contracts have been awarded without bids is factually incorrect.”
The board comprises the State solicitor, finance secretary, works secretary, a representative from the Certified Practicing Accountants PNG and one from the PNG Institute of Engineers.
“Any contract above K10m goes to the National Executive Council for endorsement.
“No issues have been raised to the CSTB or the Electoral Commission in respect of the performance of the firms awarded the contracts.”

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