NHC plans to enable people to buy homes


THE National Housing Corporation has plans to make it easier for contributors of superannuation funds to buy homes, managing director John Dege says.
He said this would come about if the NHC and the Government start a national housing mortgage trust fund to enable people to purchase homes through their superannuation funds.
“People who do not have the equity and the minimum requirement set out by the banks can contribute by virtue of their superannuation contributions in which housing is a component factored in the superannuation contribution,” Dege said.
“What we are doing now is to get the government to get housing contribution of the employees contribution directed to the housing superannuation fund, so it enables people to save indirectly towards housing,” he said.
Dege said the NHC could be changed to housing authority and department of housing.
“Under the Housing Authority, we’d like to establish housing superannuation fund, housing mortgage trust fund, housing lottery fund, housing estate limited and housing unit management trust,” Dege said.
“They will perform very relative functions in that the housing mortgage trust fund, since the National Housing Corporation was established, had a fully pledged conveying section conveying role of transferring of titles to home owners.
“We (NHC) have never charged interest and never asked for equity from home owners.”

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