NHEL focuses on prudent management


THE National Housing Estate Limited (NHEL) has embarked on a positive business outlook underpinned by a commitment to best practice in corporate governance, transparency and prudent management practices.
Acting chief executive Madeline Paulisbo said a lot of energy and effort were being put into fixing legacy issues and shifting obligations and to conform to regulatory and statutory compliance.
“We are focused on a clear strategy to move forward through more attention to corporate governance and prudent management of resources and sound business and management decisions,” Paulisbo said.
She said the board and management had taken pragmatic actions in terms of compliance.
NHEL is in the process of preparing and finalising its financial reports for 2010 to 2016 to be provided to the Registrar of the Investment Promotion Authority as part of its reporting obligations.
Paulisbo said compliance would enable a sound corporate standing and a new management philosophy to regain confidence from the State as the main shareholder of NHEL, corporate partners, clients and tenants.
One of Paulisbo’s main challenges was the ongoing relationship with the National Housing Corporation which has not been cordial in recent times.
Following her appointment, a positive working relations based on open dialogue has been established with an emphasis to improve on information sharing and cooperation between the two entities of State.

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