Niblett’s death a sad day for cancer unit


THE untimely death of Dr John Niblett last Tuesday (July 4) was a sad day indeed for the Cancer Management Unit and cancer sufferers alike.
Obviously, he died a broken man suffering from the financial hardships and humiliation that he was put through by the government’s bureaucratic red tapes.
He has passed on but his lifelong commitments and dedications to the hundreds of cancer patients will surely leave a lasting legacy.
It will be something that will remain elusive for the heartless bureaucrats that had a hand in his mistreatment.
Can the bureaucracy now tell the public what positive steps they have taken since refusing to renew Dr Niblett’s work permit and the disappearance of his purported replacement?
Or are they just going to sit back and let the dreaded disease take its course.
It is ironic that while the sitting MPs and Candidates are making more promises to lift people’s basic services and social welfare, the country lost its only resident Radiation Oncologist or Adviser/Authority on this dreaded disease thus leaving the Cancer Unit in limbo
Immediately employing a Radiation Oncologist must be one of the most priority agenda of the new government.
This must include a review of the current management of the Medicine Shortages and the non-working Free Health Services.
To not address these issues fully and effectively would simply make liars out of leaders who promised to improve people’s lives during their recent campaigns.


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