So nice to see you, PM tells PNG people in Samoa


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says it is always exciting to meet Papua New Guinea people living in other countries for work or studies.
He met about 100 PNG people living in Apia, Samoa, where he attended the Pacific Islands Forum Leaders’ meeting this week.
“It is always a good feeling when you are travelling that you meet your countrymen and women in parts of the world. You feel excited,” he said.
He said irrespective of which village or province one hailed from, “we are all Papua New Guineans”.
“We are making good progress across the world. Papua New Guineans are studying and working, and learning in other countries,” he said.
“I am very proud to see you here and succeeding, living among our Pacific friends.”
O’Neill said PNG was the biggest Pacific country with the biggest island economy and biggest population.
“That comes with a lot of responsibility through the way in which we conduct our affairs as a government,” he said.
“We (must) provide leadership on issues that matter to Pacific Islands nations. We must set an example in what we say and do and be inclusive.
“That is why when you come to study and work and live among other citizens of the Pacific, you carry that responsibility, that you represent the best of us. That is why I am happy to come here and meet with you.”

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