Nicta partners with stakeholders to make internet accessible


THE National Information Communications Technology Authority  (Nicta) has partnered with international stakeholders to achieve the government’s objective of making internet accessible to consumers in the country.
Chief executive Charles Punaha yesterday addressed the PNG Neutral Internet Exchange Point (PNGIXP) awareness session and network security workshop in Port Moresby.
“We facilitated the establishment of the PNGIXP in 2004 to achieve the primary policy objective of Government to make access to internet more affordable for all consumers,” Punaha said. “The internet service providers will begin to see a reduction in operational costs of delivering the internet to consumers by up to 30 per cent, although case studies have shown that the reductions can be as high as 70 per cent as international traffic is exchanged locally.”
Punaha said there would be a reduction in internet service rates to consumers as ISPs passed on cost-savings driven by competition and effective regulation.
“There is improved quality of service and customer experience as latency and trombone effects on the internet traffic are dramatically reduced.” He said with improved customer experience, there would be increased demand for internet access.
“There is growth of local content  – localising currently off-shored content and development of local content particularly government content and e-business content.”

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