Nicta urges people to participate in surveys


THE National Information and Communication Technology has urged the people to participate in surveys to address issues faced by the information and communication technology sector.
Nicta chief executive officer Charles Punaha requested the public and stakeholders to contribute ideas.
He said when a wide range of views and ideas are gauged, it would result in correct measures taken.
“When Nicta was established, we opened up competition in the market. We opened up access so there is now competition – unlike in the past when we have only one entity that was providing internet connectivity through satellite connectivity and submarine cables,” Punaha said.
“One of the main things that we looked at was wholesale service. That’s why in 2013 we made recommendations to the minister who declared wholesale as a service, meaning now that the providers of ICT service at a wholesale level will now ensure that it is cost based, it is not anti-competitive.
“And that is why we have seen a big reduction in cost of price over the last two years.”
Meanwhile, director economic, consumer and international affairs Kila Gulo-Vui said Nicta’s role could go as far as monitoring the internet retail services.
“In terms of retail services, about two years back, we carried out a public consultation on internet retail pricing,” Gulo-Vui said.
“Questions were asked as to whether Nicta should intervene in the retail space as there were mixed public and industry reactions.
“So as a result, the board resolved not to intervene in the retail space but to monitor the internet retail services over a period of time.
“During the course of monitoring, if there is a need to review the arrangements and intervene, we will do it.”

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