NIP establishes health authority


NEW Ireland now has a provincial health authority set up at the Kavieng Hospital.
Health Secretary Pascoe Kase told the hospital’s board members that their leadership and management were critical.
“Only one board – the new board and management – takes control of the provincial health authority,” he said.
“The Provincial Health Authority Act 2007 applies from today (Monday) to New Ireland.
“Failures in management must be addressed as soon as possible and the board must report annually to the Health Department.”
Kase said the provincial health authority reform was the way forward for the health system because the old system was not working, resulting in poor health indicators.
“Hospitals can’t say that they are doing well when rural people are not accessing health services,” he said.
“Doctors and specialists must be accessed by everyone in the province.”
He said the provincial health authority concept was successful in Milne Bay and Western Highlands.
He said the recent industrial action in Western Highlands and Eastern Highlands hospitals were political in nature.

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