No doubt O’Neill, PNC will be back to lead


PNC, you are definitely retaining for the next Government.
People have just going around with all sorts of criticism and condemnation but they will never succeed.
I say this because 2017 election is unlike 2012 where we have heard that Christian believers and non-Christians were praying and seeking God.
God answered our prayer and gave us Peter O’Neill as our PM in 2012. Then, from there, we have seen great improvements taking place in our count.
As a Morobean, I have also reckoned that our Prime Minister is a man of unprejudiced, we Morobeans have yet to appreciate his leadership and at least one should step out and say a word of thank for giving us the mandate for Chief Secretary, Speaker of Parliament, Electoral Commissioner and Governor-General regardless of political appetite.

Gilbert Basape

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