No excuse for lack of safety


I’D like to reply to an article in The National on Sept 27 titled Crowd control gauged.
From what I saw, it was a total disgrace and embarrassing for the National Football Stadium management, the PNGRFL board and the Sports Ministry to allow  such uncivilised NRL fans  to invade the field and disrupt the successful ending to the PMs’ XIII match.
NFS general manager Lee Pokarop said: “Everyone’s safety within the vicinity is our responsibility with strict rules in place.”
But the message does not reflect the authenticity of the NFS management’s incompetency to effectively control unruly spectator behaviour or spectator violence around the perimeters of the field of play.
The unruly behaviour demonstrated by PNG fans was the third disruptive but violence free event.
It is a matter of how one prepares, responds and recovers to mitigate the consequences of emergencies that can unexpectedly come about.

Ken Nandawa,

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