No funding for cemetery: Alu


THE National Capital District Commission does not have a budgetary allocation for maintenance of the Nine-Cemetery, city manager Leslie Alu (pictured) says.
He said although the commission through its health division might have estimates for various projects at the cemetery, there were no budget allocations.
Alu was responding to funding constraints faced by the health division to erect a proper fence to stop people from trespassing, especially those living in the nearby settlements.
He said they would look at fitting that into their budget for next year. However, if budgeted activities for 2016 are not used this year, they would allocate that component towards the fencing and maintenance work at the Nine-Cemetery,” he said.
Alu also raised concern about the lack of respect by people for the dead.
He said people needed to respect the dead and not sit on graves or remove headstones and plaques.

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