No substitution for hard work


HAVE you ever questioned your existence?
Were you some kind of mistake, you think?
As a citizen of this country, never forget this: You were born for a reason. And the only person who stands between you and success is you.
Likewise, the only person standing between you and failure is you.
Pain is life.
In schools, we hear students complaining all the time – I can’t do mathematics, I can’t do physics, I can’t remember the dates in my history lesson.
You are right, my friend.
You can’t do all those subjects because you have never studied to the best of your ability.
Hard work beats talent.
The one who is always hungrier and dedicated to reach the top will reach the top.
Successful people work while everyone is resting.
Nothing is secretive about success.
It is a result of pain and learning from failure.
Be determined to build something that will last.
Failure motivates successful people to be where they are today.

Glen Burua
Divine Word University

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