No support for League a shame


IT is a shame that both SHP Digicel Cup franchises, PRK Mendi Muruks and Kemele Constructions Hela Wigmen, have not given any payment to Mendi Rugby League for the use of the Joe Keviame Oval in Mendi (The National, Oct 14). This is stipulated in an agreement entered into by all parties and this also led to the shortage of funds leading to Mendi Rugby League cancelling its normal season ending finals for the second consecutive year. Funds have been allocated for such and it is disheartening to learn that no payments have been made as Mendi Rugby League is seen to be the contributor of local talent
to both franchises. On the other hand, both franchises should
know that instead of searching for quality players, the local league should be strengthened and this would in turn be an advantage as players are fit and are being utilised for the whole season.

FSK, Port Moresby

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