No trust in Sonk at all


Wapu Sonk, the managing director of Kumul Holding Ltd, is hiding behind the organisation and feeding misleading information to the Government and the stakeholders of PNG LNG project.
He was not part of the UBSA or LBSA government team during initial negotiations and subsequent agreement.
The initial agreement made with the Government of PNG when Sir Michael Somare was the prime minister and his son Authur Somare was chief negotiator. The landowners were given free 4.2 per cent equity, at no cost.
How comeĀ  suddenly Sonk has seen fit to off-load Government obligations to pay on behalf of landowners back to landowners?
This is typical jealousy which is rightfully negotiated under the agreement.
The timing is right for him to deceive the people as the only Governor for Hela Anderson Agiru who had negotiated for the people has passed on.
Please PM, cull and eradicate this kind of culprits who is there at the helm to ruin and destroy a good and genuine agreement that had taken a considerable amount of time to put together
I am saddened and I am saying this for the good of the project and the country.

IRA Hulugo, Hela

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