Nobody cares so calm down minister


ISN’T it shameful that Sports Minister Justin Tkatchenko chose to
divert public attention to him at
the height of the FIFA Under-
20 women’s soccer World Cup tournament by complaining about a ticket scam (The National, Nov 23)?
If this ticket scam is true, doesn’t ticketing matters of this World Cup tournament fall under his jurisdiction as minister responsible for sport?
If so, then doesn’t this reflect on his incompetency to put in place the necessary oversight mechanism on ticketing issues because tickets translate directly to revenue generated from this tournament?
And isn’t this the same minister under whose watch these sports stadiums were built costing the people of this nation many millions of kina through highly inflated cost variations?
And aren’t the guys on the streets selling World Cup tournament tickets simply following this precedence and adding some cost variation to the basic price of the ticket?
Calm down minister, the rest of Papua New Guinea are enjoying the World Cup tournament.
And they do not care where the audience in the stands purchased their tickets from.


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