Northern MPs comfortable to work with each other

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Northern MPs arrived to a arousing welcome led by a dancing group, the provincial administration team, council presidents, police and Correctional Services personnel at Girua Airport last Friday.
Northern Governor Gary Juffa in his address at the State House said he was proud to present his colleagues to the people of Oro.
“Oro has a lot of potential in terms of providing good leadership, the technical know-hows and experts, but we need to utilise everyone’s skills to move our province forward,” he said.
“I’m satisfied that I have two leaders now I can work with, I feel comfortable that we will be able to work together.
“Both of them bring a lot of experience in the private sector and knowledge. I’m very pleased with what they have brought to us.”
Juffa said his collegues started well in meetings and gatherings with other MPs.
“It has been an honour to serve you people of Oro for the last five years and I’m looking forward to serving you again,” Juffa said.
“This time it won’t be one engine firing but three engines together in the same direction for the best interest of the people and this province.”
Ijivitari MP Richard Masere said “three intelligent leaders” would work together.
“I want to show the people of Oro that this is a demonstration that the three of us are serious about working together,” he said.
“Our main objective and focus is on the people, we will stand together, work together and move Northern forward.”
Sohe MP Henry Johns Amuli thanked the people of Sohe for giving him the mandate to lead them in the next five years.
“It’s time for change and thank you all the leaders and supporters for the welcome reception this morning,” he said.

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