Northern officials start training


THE training of election officials in Northern has started with those in the Kira local level government in Sohe first on the list, says election manager Peter Malaifeope.
Malaifeope said that separate training sessions are being conducted and next up will be Ijivitari followed by Popondetta Urban, Oro Bay, Tufi, Afore and Safia. Training for Tamata, Kokoda and Higaturu will also start this week.
“Our two containers were opened under heavy police supervision and all training materials were sorted out and the programmes have started.
“Once the training for the polling officials is complete we will start dispatching the teams out.”
Malaifeope said the ballot papers for Northern were delivered by an Australian Air Force aircraft on Sunday.
The consignment included ballot boxes and other election materials.
Malaifeope is in his second term as election manager in the province.
“The campaign fever is slowly winding down and we are preparing for polling with less than a week left. We are working closely with the police to ensure security is guaranteed for all the election-related activities.”

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