Northern region police prepare to carry out election work


PREPARATIONS are underway for police in the Northern Region to carry out election duties effectively, says Assistant Commissioner for Police, Northern, Peter Guinness.
He said he met with election managers in the region last month to discuss police operations and plans for the election.
“Police will carry out a rollover election operation starting from Eastern Highlands then to Madang and Morobe,” he said. Guinness said an election team would be sent to each province to identify areas where police would be accommodated during election operations before seeking funding for the costs of accommodation.
“We want to ensure that the election is carried out smoothly but the biggest constraint for us is funding as we need logistics to do our job effectively,” he said.
Guinness told The National that the Defence Force and the Correctional Services would be deployed to assist with security.
“These officers from the Defence and CS will be posted in strategic locations which are considered as hotspots or trouble zones to ensure the election runs smoothly,” Guinness said.
He said from previous election experiences, some candidates acted as warlords and such candidates would be monitored closely by the security forces.
“I want to warn that we will deal with such candidates and their supporters if they act like warlords during the election,” Guinness said.
Guinness called on voters to change their mindset and attitude and to cooperate with the authorities to ensure that there is a free and fair election.

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