Nothing is impossible


IF current Lae MP John Rosso can became a millionaire and travel the world, we can be the same.
He started by collecting bottles and empty cans and became somebody.
Similarly, if Kabwum MP Patrick Basa can be a government minister, then obviously nothing is impossible.
He walked through mountains and fast-flowing rivers of Kabwum to be educated.
Basa went to Australia, completed his studies and became a simple village leader.
He assisted in delivering basic services to the people, and
eventually, he was elected to Parliament and is now a minister in Cabinet.
Those of us who are striving for excellence must not give up easily.
These two MPs did their fair share of hard work and sacrifices.
Now we know who they are.
Never give up so easily.
No pain no gain.
Keep striving and work harder to achieve your dreams and aspirations.

Theo Kata
Lae City

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