Notorious criminal shot dead


POLICE in Milne Bay have shot dead a notorious criminal involved in a string of armed robberies and the killing of a police officer, provincial police commander Chief Supt Joseph Morehari said yesterday.
Morehari said another wounded criminal has sent word that he wanted to surrender in order to receive medical treatment for wounds after being shot by police last Sunday.
“These criminals were killed and wounded while they were having a party from the loot that they had robbed off a shop at Hagita Estate,” Morehari said.
Police went to that village after being tipped off that the gang was having a party there. So police went there and met resistance from the gang.
“During the shootout, Juda Igo Morea was killed and Ben Enroy was critically injured. Police also confiscated a .22 factory-made riffle, a fully-loaded pistol, four 9mm bullets, two 9mm empty bullet shells, one axe and three knives.”
Morehari said Enroy and others who had received injuries had escaped and were hiding in the bush.”
“However, we had got word that Enroy is in Suau Island and wants to surrender to the police so that he can receive treatment at the hospital.”
Morehari said that the shootout occurred last Sunday at Kwaini village, Alotau district.
“The late Morea also known as Juxs Whitety with the critically injured Enroy and another notorious criminal, Tommy Baker, are part of a nine-member gang who has been terrorising and looting business houses throughout the province since 2014.
“This gang was also involved in killing the police constable Samuel Pisa in July when robbing Jade Island Trading in Alotau.
They were also involved in robbing K10,000 from Covec Construction and wounding a Chinese man at Nigila village in September.”
Morehari said that the same gang had robbed K250,000 from a store at Bwagaoia station on Misima Island and K40,000 from a Bank of South Pacific agent on Samarai Island.
“Morea was the man behind these robberies,” the police commander said.
“He held up a PNG Correctional Service vehicle in 2014 and released Enroy when Enroy was brought from the Giligili prison to Alotau General Hospital for treatment. Enroy was serving a 40-year jail term for murder.
“Morea and Enroy organised a mass jail breakout in 2015 resulting in the escape of another criminal Tommy Baker. Since then the trio had formed a gang and terror reigned throughout the province.”

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