Nurses need to upgrade knowledge, skills: Consultant


NURSES need to upgrade their knowledge and skills to be on par with global standards of their profession, an official says.
University of PNG’s school of medicine and health sciences consultant Thompson Telepo said most nurses continued to work for long periods of time after they completed basic training without upgrading their skills
Telepo said the nurse’s symposium was an important avenue for the nurses to receive useful information for their profession. “Nurses seem to complete their basic training and work for a long period of time and there is a knowledge and skills gap in terms of not updating themselves to the current things happening globally,” he said.
“When there is a nurses symposium, we want all our nurses in this country to attend, because that’s the only avenue which we provide for them to come and have new information shared.
“I’m appealing to the directors of nurses and chief executive officers of the hospitals to release the nurses to attend the nurse’s symposium.”
The symposium is scheduled for Oct 10-14 in Lae.
“The bulk of nurses have not even attended any of these symposiums, we the professional committee feel that every year there should be a budget for nurses so the hospitals can allow them to attend,” he said.
“Through this symposium we will continue to improve our patients’ care so that we give the best to our patients and we continue to deliver Government policy.
“At the end of the day, we are the implementers of government policies and visions.
School of medicine and health sciences head of nursing Dr Nancy Buasi said the symposium provided an excellent opportunity for the nurses to come together to learn from presentations made.
“Those of us who have come this far are responsible for the up and coming nurses, in terms of implementing research studies, collecting data, presenting what we have collected and basically helping our nurses,” she said.
“A lot of our nurses still need to be well versed in terms of research, findings, collecting data, implementing research into practical solutions, just to improve what we do out there in our clinical settings.
“The consumers are our people who come to use the services that we provide and we want to provide the best for them.”

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