Nurses prepare for symposium


PREPARATIONS are underway for the 13th National Nurses Research Symposium from Oct 10 to 14 in Lae.
PNG Nurses Association acting vice-president Frederick Kebai said the symposium would cost about K600,000 to host.
Kebai, who is also chairman of the professional committee representing PNGNA, said support was trickling in but they would still go ahead and host the meeting.
“We the organising committee is appealing to all our members, directors of nursing services throughout all hospitals, families and health coordinators to organise their nurses to fully participate in this symposium,” Kebai said.
“Through this symposium, we will learn a lot of new knowledge and acquire new skills to provide quality health services.”
Kebai said there would be papers presented by stakeholders, including the Health Department, Nambawan Super and National Teachers Insurance.
“I would like to acknowledge the sponsors, the PM’s Department through the National Gaming Control Board, Nambawan Super, National Teachers Insurance Ltd and the Morobe government.
“We acknowledge the Morobe government for taking the lead.
“We understand that there are financial difficulties that the country is facing, but we are appealing to the departments and other partners to assist us,” he said.
Kebai said there will be about 500 nurses attending the symposium.
“We hope we learn more when we all come together, share and ask questions and it’s a learning time for the nursing profession and also for those who will be present,” he said.
“Theme for the symposium is Nurses a force for change, improving and strengthening health systems resilience through public, private partnership.”

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