Nurses’ work value study to take place at PMGH


THE Port Moresby General Hospital has been identified as one of the facilities for the nurses’ work value study beginning next year.
PNG Nurses Association acting president Paul Nawik told nurses last Friday that the proposed work value study had been submitted to Health Secretary Pascoe Kase.
It is among the three proposals in the 2016 – 2018 agreement signed with the departments of health and personnel management in December 2015.
“It is important that we must have our work value study. When we presented our justifications, the separation from nursing service allowance, domestic market allowance and reclassifications were the same,” he said.
“When we work on the work value study, we will talk about the dual salary which the foreign nurses and the PNG nurses are on now. Under the agreement, if the study calls for an increase, there will be a requalification as well. And I will still remind the good secretary that one component is the back payments, the other two are the work value study and the housing scheme committee.”
Nawik said in the first home ownership scheme, 200 nurses in Port Moresby have participated in it but the issues had been difficult.

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