Officals asked to open bank accounts


OFFICIALS in Morobe have gone out to council wards in the nine districts collating personal information to open personal bank accounts for LLG officials.
The exercise by the division of provincial and local level government affairs is targeted at the 568 wards of the 33 LLGs.
This is done in accordance with a National Executive Council decision in 2014 to include village court officers, councillors, land mediators and ward recorders in the government payroll.
Provincial and LLG affairs programme adviser Roy Naiab said that the rollout to collate data for opening accounts began with village courts followed by councillors while details of land mediators and ward recorders would be gathered later.
All of the officials have been asked to open accounts with Bank South Pacific to enable payment of allowances.
The country’s economy situation coupled with the late submission of relevant information by councillors had caused a delay in the process, Naiab explained.
“However, by now, many councillors have received their allowances.”
“We at PLLGA in provinces never control or handle payrolls; it is done in Waigani.
“Though we sympathise with councilors for their commitment and selfless efforts in managing wards, it’s beyond our jurisdiction and councilors in 89 districts in the country face similar issues,” he said.
Meanwhile LLG affairs officer Siwan Patiuwatu said that council allowances were previously decentralised to provinces which managed them on a timely manner.
However, that responsibility was taken back by headquarters in Waigani.

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