Officer becomes certified mechanic


A 32-YEAR-old policeman who graduated with a certificate in automotive mechanic from a college says age should not be an excuse to stop people from pursuing their interests in education.
Benas Huwaing, a father-of-two from Siassi in Morobe, had served as a police officer for 14 years in Finschhafen.
He was among more than 100 students who graduated from the college with certificates in welding, mechanic, business studies, computing, tourism and hospitality.
Huwaing said police in Finschhafen had been spending a lot of money on mechanics to fix their vehicles.
“When the mechanics are busy, or when there is no mechanic available the police cannot use the vehicles to do their work,” Huwaing said.
“Police work revolves heavily around the use of vehicles.
“It also requires a lot of moving around.
“But when vehicles break down, it affects our work.
“Therefore, I told my boss that one way to deal with this issue once and for all is for me to take up automotive studies and become a certified mechanic for the police department.
“Becoming a mechanic would greatly benefit the department to cut down the cost of hiring outside help to fix police vehicles.
“Now, I can do this job.
“That’s why I have spent a year studying to be an auto mechanic.”
Huwaing said it was tough being a student because he had to allocate time for his family, work and studies.
“I am the only public servant among the students that studied this course,” he said.
“When the other students knew that a policeman was studying with them, they behaved well.”

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