Officer charged with armed robbery granted bail


A POLICE officer facing a charge of armed robbery has been granted bail but told by the judge it is only because his son is ill.
Justice Panuel Mogish told Haro Arimu, 28, of Kerema in Gulf, that people who committed crime must be ready to face the consequence of their actions.
Arimu’s lawyer sought bail because he was a police officer and his life would be at risk if he was remanded at Bomana prison and that he was looking after his ill son and two daughters because his wife had left him.
“Your reasons do not amount to being exceptional. These are common excuses,”  Mogish told Arimu.
“Your children and loved ones at home will suffer because you are remanded. You should have thought about that.
“I will grant you bail only because your child has a serious illness and you are the best person to take that responsibility now.”
He ordered Arimu to pay K1000 and to abide by the conditions of his bail.
Police allege that Arimu was armed with a pistol and with others robbed the occupants of a vehicle along the Poreporena Highway in the National Capital Districts on March 23.
It is alleged that the vehicle was involved in an accident and that the passengers were drunk.
Arimu allegedly shot one of the passengers after he argued with one of the passenger.

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