Officer charged for assaulting detainee


A POLICE officer in charge of a rural police station outside Kimbe in West New Britain has been arrested and charged with wilfully assaulting a detainee.
Provincial police commander Supt Jim Namora said the officer allegedly assaulted the detainee while he was in custody.
The criminal investigation section in Kimbe had charged him recently.
According to police reports, the detainee was locked up after he was accused for the wilful murder of another person at the Kavui blocks in Kimbe.
The senior constable had been charged with one count of unlawful assault under Section 6 of the Summary Offences Act.
The case is before the Kimbe District Court.
Another police officer from the Kundiawa-based highway patrol unit in Chimbu was also arrested in Kimbe last Friday.
Namora said he was charged with consumption of alcohol in a public place.
Police found him in a local supermarket with a SP beer can in his hand.
The officer was brought to the PPC’s office, arrested and charged.
The officer, a recent graduate of the Bomana Police College, is from Madang and Hoskins.
He was released on bail and was expected to appear at the Kimbe district court yesterday (Monday).
Namora questioned the role of private security guards manning shops in Kimbe.
“Why are they allowing drunks and intoxicated persons into shops?” Namora asked.
“These drunks when allowed into shops only create inconvenience.
“These drunks should be refused entry in the first place.”
Namora was also alarmed at the rise in homicide cases in the province. He said most of these cases involved the consumption of alcohol and the use of bush knives.

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