Officer shot in SHP patriotic and peace-loving: Brother


By Rebecca Kuku
THE late Constable Andy Kotange was a young, patriotic man from Hela who served as a police officer at the Koroba Police Station since the early 2000 after he graduated from the Bomana Police College.
Kotange returned to his province to serve his people because he believed that one day Hela would be a province of its own and because he was a peace-loving person who wanted to help bring peace and order to his home.
Last Saturday, at 3pm, Kotange and a colleague, while on police duty and in uniform, were gunned down along the Wara Anga Road in Southern Highlands.
His brother, Akolo Kotange, said the news naturally shocked the family. “We see Southern Highlands as our big brother, we did not expect anything of this sort to happen in a province we once called our home,” Akolo said.
“We are in shock.
He was a police officer on duty and in police uniform, and we just can’t accept the fact that he is truly gone.”
Akolo appealed to his family, relatives and tribesmen in Hela not to retaliate.
“Culturally, we have our payback system but Andy was a police officer, his duty was to keep the peace in communities, let us honour him by respecting his line of duty.
“Let the police deal with the case.”
Kotange is survived by his wife, three young sons and a daughter.

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