Officers complete interview workshop


THE Police Training College at Bomana has conducted 32 courses and programmes for police officers this year, according to Training Commandant Perou N’Dranou.
Last Friday, 20 participants took part in a week-long investigative interview workshop.
N’Dranou said the workshop would improve officers’ performance in conducting the conviction process after an arrest was made.
“It’s not just about making arrest and interview,” he said.
“What the public want are results.
“If we give them results, we are providing the justice that is deserved.
“Spending time and money on this programme means that our policeman are trained to do their job better so that they can provide better service to the public, which would change the perception that the public have of the police force.”
N’Dranou said the number of cases thrown out by the courts in the past 12 months was embarrassing because a lot of money was spent on investigations and putting together a prosecution case.
“We spend time effort and money to prepare the court file,” he said.
It costs a minimum of K5000 to prepare one simple summary case file.
“If you are dealing with a serious crime you are looking at about K30,000.”
He urged the participants to use what they had learnt in their work.
The week-long investigative interview programme was coordinated by Bomana Police Training College, assisted by the Australian Federal Police.

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