Officers killed on highway


HELA Governor Philip Undialu has condemned the killing of two police officers and serious injuries to three others on the Mendi highway on Saturday.
The two police officers believed to be from Koroba-Kopiago were gunned down at River Anga in Southern Highlands that afternoon.
The police officers were believed to be travelling with Hela administrator William Bando.
Undialu said: “I knew such was brewing.
“So a few weeks ago, I came out in the media and told the public not to touch the Hela people.
“We have our own problems and politics and this (Southern Highlands election problem) has nothing to do with us.
“Killing, robbery and rape is common along the Nipa-Mendi section of the Highlands Highway.
“Leaders of the province need to do something.
“Though it’s the doing of a few sick-minded people, the good name of Southern Highlanders has been dragged into it.”
He conveyed his condolences to the families and friends of the two officers.
“It’s a big loss to us and Hela police,” Undialu said.
“I appeal for peace and for everyone to allow the rule of law to take carriage of this barbaric killing.”
No comment could be obtained from police yesterday.
But it is understood that the incident happened at a section of the highway where the mobile phone reception was poor.
News of the killing caused panic in Mendi where some buildings were burnt.

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