Officers parade strength


MORE than 200 officers from the disciplined forces in West New Britain took to the streets on Wednesday morning to show their solidarity in providing security in the national election.
Provincial police commander, Supt Jim Namora said the sleepy little town of Kimbe came alive when members of the police, Correctional Services personnel and members of the Kimbe Fire Service marched into town in the early hours of Wednesday dressed in their respective field uniforms and chanting their battle cries.
Namora said the procession took Kimbe residents by surprise as more than 200 men and women
of the three departments joined forces to stage their show of strength.
“This route march was the second such event in the space of two weeks in which all disciplined forces came together in Kimbe to show solidarity, create and instil team work and prepare for the national election and also to enhance health and fitness,” Senior Constable Ernest Pepe of the police response unit based in Kimbe said.
Pepe is also an organiser of the event.
Namora said the route march was part of a team bonding exercise in which he wanted to see the PNG Fire Service staff get more involved in communal activities that the police and CS personnel were doing and to enhance their working relationship at the provincial level.
The next march will be next Wednesday.

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