Officers to return to normal duties as election ops end


POLICE in Morobe will return to their normal duties following the general election operations.
Morobe Police Commander Augustine Wampe said the election operation ended last week with a parade.
“We gave our utmost attention to see that election was conducted fairly and safely,” he said.
“Since the election is done, we will get back to our daily tasks and concentrate on our duties.”
He thanked the security officers and election officials in the province.
“We had a few hiccups in Finschhafen where
a police station and several elementary classrooms were burnt down but no one was killed,” Wampe said.
He said nine suspects were charged with arson and wilful damage.
“I thank police officers and members of the other disciplinary forces for ensuring that the election was conducted smoothly,” he said.
Wampe said members of the Goroka-based mobile squad travelled back to their post last week after the parade.
“We will concentrate now on maintaining law and order in the province and I urge all the Morobe people to accept our elected leaders and work with them to develop the province,” he said.

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