Officers undergo firearm training


THIRTY-five police officers in Manus are undergoing a week-long firearms training conducted by trainers from Bomana Police Training College.
The training, which started on Monday, is part of the plan to give refresher courses to officers in centres outside of Port Moresby on the importance of firearms use.
Bomana Police College commandant Chief Supt Perou N’dranou told The National yesterday that they extended the training to police stations in other provinces.
Manus was the third centre to benefit from the firearms training.
He said because of recent incidents police were involved in, they conducted this training as a refresher course for officers to learn the basics of firearms use.
“For 10 to 15 years now there has being no firearms training for police officers, and the police conduct in the use of firearms has been a concern to citizens.
“There are incidents police were involved in, mainly with the use of fire arms,” N’Dranou said.
He said what was taught in other stations in the country would also be taught in Manus
He said there were four basic things to be taught officers in the use of firearms and they need to learn that before they would be issued firearms to conduct their normal duties.
“The four basic thing that are going to be taught to them will be the firearm laws, what police should do with the firearms, when to use them and how to handle the firearms, and range shooting.”

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