Officers undergo firearms training


Seventeen police officers from National Capital District command and four from the Bomana Police College are attending a week-long refresher workshop on firearms handling.
Training commander of the college Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said the workshop was to overcome the issue on the use of firearms that police continued to face.
“We are here to refresh the knowledge, skills and attitude in firearms handling,”  N’Dranou said.
“There are many high-risk incidences which involves the use of firearms.”
N’Dranou said about 60 per cent of crimes that police attend to involved firearms.
“It is 60 per cent riskier to the general public and to yourself,” he told the police officers.
“Firearms is one of the very dangerous equipment used in the world. It only needs a split second for you to kill another person, save another person or yourself.
“You need to have a high-level of skills in order to operate firearms during your deployment.”
N’Dranou reminded officers to treat firearms with a high degree of respect because it was a dangerous tool.

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