Official: EU vital partner to PNG


EUROPE will remain an important development partner to Papua New Guinea, according to Ioannis Giokarakis-Argyropoulos, the European Union ambassador to Papua New Guinea.
The EU and PNG Government officials held talks in Port Moresby last week.
“Last year, PNG celebrated 40 years of Independence and next year, the European Union will celebrate 40 years of partnership with PNG,” he said.
“So the partnership between Europe and PNG started modestly through development cooperation.
“Europe has supported PNG a lot in development and we are still an important partner to PNG.
“Our development assistance counts as the second donor in grant assistance and this is very important.
“We will continue to support developments, trade and investment in PNG.”
He said they also discussed “the very successful cooperation we have in addressing climate change and also here in PNG, the fight against illegal fishing”.
National Planning Minister Charles Abel said the European market was huge, especially in regards to the export of tuna and PNG needed support from the EU to fully develop its tuna resource.
“We appreciate the support of EU, which is one of our important development partner and we would like to see EU assisting us to develop our tuna and as well assisting efforts in providing surveillance to our tuna stock against illegal fishing which continues to remain a major issue in Papua New Guinea,” Abel said.

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