Official: Late payment of funds affecting schools


TUITION fee-free (TFF) funds are not getting into schools on time and this is badly affecting their operations throughout the year, according to a school principal in National Capital District.
Speaking at the Port Moresby National High School’s 21st graduation last Thursday, principal David Diowai said the Governments’ policy was good, however, there were a lot of concerns raised over the management and distribution of TFF funds.
“Schools are facing a lot of problems in running normal operations, hence studies were affected.” He said for Port Moresby National High School, they were yet to receive 60 per cent of the TFF funds at this time.
Diowai suggested that all TFF money for schools should be paid in total directly to the schools at the beginning of the year.
“The school management can then budget and run the operations of the schools,” Diowai said.
He said his management’s self-reliance initiatives were now generating internal revenue to support the schools’ budget.
“This year so far, we have collected a revenue of K95,000,” he said. We are now embarking on a much bigger project which will be costly to develop but returns from it will bring huge benefits to this school in the future.”
He said Port Moresby National High School, now over 20 years old, was no longer new and a lot of money was needed for its maintenance.
“The school’s infrastructure is very expensive to maintain and we are doing our best to maintain the wonderful school infrastructure whilst providing quality education for our young people,” Diowai said.

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