Official raises concern over appointment of teachers


SOME vocational teachers have not been admitted by the Teaching Service Commission because institutions were bypassing appointment officers in the province and requesting the commission for appointment.
During Technical Vocational Education Training coordinators’ meeting, it was clarified by West Sepik education adviser Daniel Yaman that TSC would only admit teachers according to provincial education board appointment committee.
“I am experiencing this in the provinces, institution and the districts, they kind of engage teachers without going through the normal process through the PEB and the appointment officers,” Yaman said.
“But what they do is they kind of hijack the appointment processes and they take care of teachers in those institutions and they consult TSC. You can’t do that.
“We have to advise the institution that there is a process and if they are seeking appointment or transfer, it must go through the proper appointment process.”
According to Yaman, there is a section in the appointment forms where the appointment officers needed to fill in.
Enga TVET coordinator Lai Angoun was concerned that before the appointment, coordinators should approve the appointment.
The provincial appointment committee PEB does not have enough knowledge of the requirements set for the TVET teachers.
“Officers who are applying for TVET positions should have their document verified by us coordinators and then we advise the appointment committee and the PEB, only then they will give the appointment,” Angoun said.

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