Official slams nomination fee


WOMEN will be discouraged from contesting the general election because of the increase in nomination fees, Women in Politics Highlands regional president Cedilla Dre Kimagl says.
Cabinet recently approved the increase from K1000 to K10,000.
She said there were also some men wanting to contest but could not afford that fee.
Kimagl said the nomination fee was initially K200, then it went up to K1000 and now it is K10,000.
“This is unfair and we are calling on the Prime Minister and the Electoral Commission to come up with a reasonable fee – K1000 or below.”
Kimagl said people should be granted their right to contest the national election and the K10,000 would rule some out.
“Think about the small people who want to contest the election with little resource and funding,” she said.
She said it would mean that only the current MPs and business people would be able to contest the election.
“I’m calling on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to review his decision because I think this decision is not fair,” Kimagl said.

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