Officials face many challenges, Soheke says

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MANY challenges were faced by polling officials in the current elections compared with elections in the past, says Morobe election manager Simon Soheke.
He spoke at the declaration of governor-elect Ginson Saonu last Friday, saying some changes should be embraced in the near future to deliver an effective national election in this country.
“The 2017 election is not the same as previous elections, it was different and somewhat most challenging,” Soheke said.
“We faced so many hiccups compared with previous elections with the most notable one being the Common Roll.
“I believe we need changes in this (Common Roll) area. I am appealing to the government that will be set in the next few days to correct the issue from the  beginning so that we will not have any problem when going into polling the next time.”
Soheke said he told his returning officers that he was sending them out as sheep to the slaughterhouse.

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