Officials urged to do awareness on policies


FORMER Manus Governor Dr Jacob Jumogot has called on officials running the People’s Democratic Movement Party to tell its members what is being done to prepare for the 2017 general election.
Jumogot said the party’s financial members and supporters were being kept in dark over the election preparations.
Jumogot urged the party executives to start raising awareness on the party’s policies which they would be promoting.
He said the party had led two governments under Paias Wingti and Sir Mekere Morauta.
“Free education is a brainchild of PDM first implemented as a national government policy by the Mekere Morauta government in 2000,” he said.
He said the free education policy was scrapped by the National Alliance-led government after the 2002 election.
He said the Peter O’Neill-led government re-introduced the policy in 2013 in the form of tuition fee-free education.
“Party executives need to smarten up and re-organise within the remaining months to assess, identify and endorse credible candidates for 2017 election,” he said.
“The PDM party should not be left to fade away into oblivion but revived to be active player in the mainstream PNG politics again.”

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