Officials urged to review programmes


MOROBE provincial and district programme advisers, coordinators and managers have been urged to re-examine the scope of existing service delivery work plans and strategies and performing to the expected standards and values.
Acting provincial administrator Sheila Harou assured the officials to define the needs, identify delivery approaches, prioritise the programs and collaboratively execute to achieve results.
“Let us touch basis by re-examining our obligations, realize our work plans, ethics and values as we deliver services as expected from us to serve the needs of humanity” Harou said.
She highlighted seven priority pillars all program advisors and managers needed to uphold and implement accordingly based on 10 strategies.
The strategies were;

  • executive, management and governance;
  • provincial (PMT), district (DMT) and local level government (LLGMT) management meetings;
  • human resource management and performance;
  • financial management;
  • planning;
  • research and policy development;
  • impact projects;
  • law-order;
  • partnership-networking; and,
  • improving communities and villages.

“Let us manage and coordinate the programmes in line with activities the rural people are good at doing and enhance them to ensure people themselves participate to improve their livelihoods” she said.
Harou some of the programs executed in the province over the years like growth centre’s and green resources (eco-tourisms) were never captured in the provincial policy-although the national development goals, aspirations and strategies encapsulated them.
She also raised concern over the education system in the country that was pushing too many immature minds out onto the streets after Grade 12.

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