Old birth certificates to be scrapped


THE old blue birth certificates will no longer be valid for official transactions in by the end of this month, Registrar-General Dickson Kiragi says.
Kiragi told The National yesterday that an administrative statement would be issued to all public and private sector stakeholders in the country advising that the old birth certificates would no longer be a valid legal document to enter into any official transaction.
“A ministerial statement recalling the blue birth certificates that were issued in March of last year and a grace period of two years was given to citizens to return the document, register and get their NID with a new birth certificate.
“So by the end of this month, I will issue a statement to all state agencies and institutions in the country that the old one will not be used anymore.
“Any agency that requires a copy of birth certificate should request for the new ones and not the old ones,” he said.
Kiragi said in that way whoever is holding onto the old birth certificates will have to come back to us and we will register them and re-issue the new ones with their NID.
“Some people are still surrendering their previous birth certificates and have registered again and were issued a new one with their NID card and we are calling on everyone to come forward and register.”
He said the current certificate issued with the NID card has its own security features.
“For the previous ones, a lot of them were through foxy registration. Meaning somebody else comes to assist somebody else to register and we just process that without really verifying and sometimes there could be misinformation. Some information may not be factual.”
Kiragi said the other issue was instances where some have tried to manipulate the document for fraudulent purpose.
“As a result the new system is improving on security.
“Both the certificate and NID issued have one entry number so if you mention the number in the birth certificate, it also appears in the NID.”

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