O’Neill: Apec to consider region’s plight


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill says Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) will continue to take into account the circumstances of all economies in the region, and recognise that not all elements of globalisation are beneficial to all.
O’Neill addressed the Apec leaders’ summit in Lima, Peru last week.
The leaders later released the Lima Declaration which “seeks to strengthen connectivity, food security and development” in Asia-Pacific.
They also agreed to maintain focus on advancing free trade.
“It is important that we maintain our focus on the arrangements for free trade that have so far served us well over many years,” he told the meeting.
“Papua New Guinea is fully supportive of removing explicit and hidden barriers to trade but it must be in a measured manner.
“Sentiments being expressed by people all around the world are that globalisation is not necessarily beneficial for everyone.
“As a result of that, many of the most vulnerable people have been affected by some of the arrangements and agreements that we have put in place over the years.”

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