O’Neill condemns violence in Wabag


Ialibu-Pangia MP and PNC leader Peter O’Neill has expressed disgust at the violent behaviour by individuals in Wabag town last week.
O’Neill said this election has been the most peaceful of recent decades and it will not be undermined by a disgruntled few.
“There is no excuse for the behaviour we have seen over the past two days, and those behind it will be brought to justice,” he said.
“Supporters and members of the disciplined forces must exercise restraint, and not be misled by disgruntled individuals.
“Those behind these activities must hang their heads in shame.
“Any member of the disciplined forces who has betrayed their oath and acted illegally will be dealt with and removed from service.
“Additional security elements have been deployed to restore calm, and to begin investigations.
“In this election we have seen the right attitude around the country, and have not experienced the violence and illegal activities of past campaigns and voting periods.
“It is extremely disappointing that in the closing days of the election we are seeing this desperate behaviour.
“I call for calm from all groups and for no response to this violence by other groups.
Let the police get on with their work.
“Democracy in Papua New Guinea is strong, and political stability is the best it has been in our history.
“We will not allow this to be undermined by vengeful and disgruntled individuals.”
O’Neill said respect must be given to election officials so they could go about their tasks without fear of violence.
“Election officials are independent, and often undertaking their work in a challenging environment.
“They must be respected and able to undertake their work without interference,” O’Neill said.

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