O’Neill confident PNC will win


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill told a crowd of thousands that his People’s National Congress party will return to power after this month’s general election.
“We all know that PNC will form the Government,” he said at a massive rally at Dirima, in Gumine, on Friday calling for the re-election of local MP Nick Kuman and Chimbu Governor Noah Kool.
“Make sure that (Education Minister) Nick Kuman is in this new government in 2017.
“Nick Kuman is in the engineroom of PNC party and must be there when we form the new government. I am here to support Nick Kuman because he is a senior leader of this country.
“Stand strong with Nick Kuman, stand strong with PNC, stand strong with our national government.
“I know that you will give all your number one votes to Nick Kuman and Noah Kool.
“Do not forget Noah Kool, a son of Gumine, who is a strong leader in our country. He is a strong leader who has the heart for Chimbu province.”
O’Neill said people should not be fooled by parties with only one or two MPs who were going around saying that they would form the next Government.
“I can tell you today at Dirima that not one party will be called to form government except for PNC,” he said.
“Our law does not allow for a grouping of small parties to form government.
“Only the party with the biggest number will be invited to form Government.
“Nick Kuman, Peter O’Neill and PNC are already there.
“We will form the next government.
“I can assure you that PNC will win more than 40 seats and form the next government.”

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