O’Neill fulfils K10m pledge


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill, pictured, has honoured his K10 million commitment for the Hayfield Airport project in Maprik, East Sepik, Maprik MP John Simon says.
The MP was responding to a media statement by his district chief executive officer John Aimos, who said the delay in the airport project was due to funding shortages and that the district was awaiting the prime minister to make good on a commitment he had made.
The statement was published in The National last Monday.
“The prime minister did honour his commitment but due to the very tight cash-flow situation in the country we are all aware of, he has honoured part of his commitment and before the accounts are closed this year, he will honour another part of his commitment and I really appreciate his assistance,” Simon said.
O’Neill had committed the K10 million as assistance for the redevelopment of the Hayfield Airport which Simon initiated in 2014.
Simon said the delay of the airport redevelopment project was not due to funding only.
“The reasons for the delay are that the administration has to push the tender process and there are some landowner issues that need sorting out,” he said.
Simon said the other reason was that there was no assistance from the East Sepik and Sandaun governments and other members as the project would not only benefit the people of Maprik but the provinces too.
“I am using the commitment made by the prime minister, my district DSIP funds and whatever funds that I have secured to work on this airport,” he said.
Simon said the project was not included in the national budget from 2014 to this year and he had questioned the Department of National Planning and Monitoring on that.
“I am thankful for the prime minister who sees this project as very important to the central part of the two Sepik provinces,” Simon said.
“I appreciate his continued support.”

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