O’Neill highlights successes


EASTERN Highlands has benefited from millions of kina worth of infrastructure development projects, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said.
He told a big crowd of supporters at the National Park near Goroka Market that his Government was behind the development of a seven-storey students’ dormitory at the University of Goroka.
O’Neill mentioned other developments such as the new town road, Goroka Airport redevelopment, redevelopment of the Goroka Provincial Hospital and Goroka Main Market.
He expressed disappointment at the tussle between Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa and Governor Julie Soso over the development of the market.
He said the money given was to be used to develop a good market for the people, not for leaders to go to court over.
“Give credit to where it is due, we are determined to change the lives of the people in PNG, party leaders made empty promises over 40 years to deliver free education but they have failed until my Government came into office in 2010,” O’Neill said.
He said the People’s National Congress Party delivered free education, free healthcare and succeeded in giving millions of kina for provincial and district services improvement programmes.
O’Neill said the Government ensured that village court officials, ward councillors and public servants were getting wages and allowances.
PNC-endorsed candidates at the rally were Ron Ganarafo (Daulo), Tom Nunue (Goroka), Benny Allan (Unggai-Bena),Wera Mori (Chuave), Isaac Waigavara (Okapa), Robert Atiayafa (Henganofi), Jeffery Kuave (Lufa) and Julie Soso (EHP).

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