O’Neill not sticking to facts: Somare


PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill is not sticking to facts or ignorant of them in claiming that K8 billion were in trust accounts built up from surplus budgets between 2005 and 2010,” Arthur Somare says.
The National Alliance Party election campaign director was responding to claims by O’Neill that the K8 billion had disappeared from the accounts since.
He said that it was impossible that O’Neill was ignorant of the facts because the status of the trust accounts was disclosed by him in his capacity as the treasurer in November 2010, when he presented the 2011 Budget in parliament.
“In the budget, O’Neill had quantified the total amounts that had flowed into the trust accounts in that six-year period as totalling K4.57 billion, with approved expenditures amounting to K3.6 billion,” Somare said.
“The totality of surplus funds never exceeded K5 billion in total so how would it be possible to steal K8 billion.
“O’Neill’s budget papers show beyond any doubt it would have been impossible for such a huge sum of money to have gone missing.
He said it totalled K13 billion which was correct. “Then he went on to claim, according to media reports, that K5 billion was for public service, K3 billion for education and K2 billion on free healthcare,” Somare said.
“In fact, the 2017 budget shows that public administration will only take up K2.7 billion, education K1.16 billion and health K1.2 billion.”

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