Onus to prove contract value


THE National Government recently awarded a K100 million contract to a local contractor CIVPAC Limited for construction of the Gulf- Southern Highlands Highway, now named the Agiru Highway.
CIVPAC is a local company owned by Southern Highlanders.
This is a significant funding, which reflects the importance of this major public infrastructure project.
This contractor has the capacity and experience to undertake such a major road works as it did to construct and seal the Ialibu-Pangia road in the Prime Minister’s home district and electorate.
All Kagua-Erave, Ialibu- Pangia and the Southern Highlands people should sing praise for the O’Neill Government for awarding the contractor to CIVPAC.
Our challenge to the contractor is to produce quality work and deliver value for money.
The funding of K100m is a massive injection so we are expecting CIVPAC to clarify what sections of the road it will construct and at what standard, allweather road or sealing inclusive.
The small section of the missing link between Samberigi to Erave is currently being worked by local contractors under the Oil Search Limited tax credit scheme so we will be very interested to know what sections and under what work scope and standards that CIVPAC will deliver.
The road between Kikori in Gulf and Samberigi in Southern Highlands which is the longest section which has already been constructed and completed so CIVPAC must clarify what scope of work it intends to carry out with this K100m contract.

Mendi, SHP

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