Operation in provinces satisfactory: Guinness


Assistant police commissioner northern command Peter Guinness had expressed satisfaction with election operations in Morobe, Madang and Eastern Highlands.
Speaking on Friday night at Sir Ignatius Kilage Stadium indoor complex, he congratulated governor-elect for Morobe Ginson Saonu.
He said Morobe had a bad incident in Finschhafen where a newly constructed police station was burnt down.
“We have not occupied the building and it got burnt down,” Guinness said.
“The building has done nothing to anyone but the people decided to go and burn it down.
“Anyway, people have spoken through the ballot boxes and we have elected our new governor.
“My appeal to the people of Morobe is that fighting is unecessary.
“If you do that and the law catches up with you and have you put behind bars, the candidates that you supported will not buy rice and tinned fish for your family.”
Guinness thanked the PNG Defence Force, Correctional Services, police northern command, Lae metropolitan superintendent command and Morobe  command for their efforts.

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